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God Of War

God Of War – Soundtrack

Music composed by Gerard Marino, Mike Reagan

01. Escape From Madness
02. The Vengeful Spartan
03. Kratos and the Sea
04. Have Faith
05. The Splendor of Athens
06. This City Will Be Your Grave
07. Ares Destroys Athens
08. Mind the Cyclops
09. Athenian Battle
10. Exploring the Ruins
11. Athens Rooftops Fighting
12. Save the Oracle Challenge
13. Kratos’ Evil Past
14. Too Late
15. The Great Sword Bridge of Athena
16. What the Oracle Spoke
17. The Story of Chronos
18. Battle the Lethal Sirens
19. The Temple of Pandora
20. Pandoran Cyclopes Attack
21. The Architect’s Mysteries
22. Zeus’ Wrath Divine
23. The Underwater World of Poseidon
24. Minotaur Boss Battle
25. Burning Visions
26. Pandora’s Box
27. Hades, God of the Underworld
28. The Fury of Ares
29. Duel With Ares
30. Enthroned on Mount Olympus
31. God of War End Title

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