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Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within

Composed by Stuart Chatwood/Inon Zur

01. Welcome Within
02. Attack At Sea
03. Conflict At The Entrance
04. Tower Encounter
05. Confrontation In The Mechanical Tower
06. Military Aggression
07. Clash In The Catacombs
08. Struggle In The Library
09. Rooftop Engagement
10. An Unsafe Sanctuary
11. The Mystic Caves
12. Mystic Sanctuary
13. Desolation Of The Tower
14. Avoid The Guards
15. Explore The Catacombs
16. Divine Sacrifice
17. Dark Gardens
18. Shadows Of The Tower
19. The Guard Tower Past
20. Worried In The Catacombs
21. The Mask Sanctuary
22. The Chase Of Time
23. The Prophecy
24. Escape In The Temple
25. Despair And Hope
26. The Mask
27. Dahaka’s Revenge
28. Back To Babylon
29. Escape The Dahaka
30. At War With Kaileena
31. Battle The Dahaka
32. Conflict Of The Griffins

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