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SAW III ~ Jogos Mortais 3 – Soundtrack

Jogos Mortais 3 – Trilha Sonora
SAW III – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. This Calling (All That Remains)
2. No Submission (Static-X)
3. Eyes Of The Insane (Slayer)
4. Walk With Me In Hell (Lamb Of God)
5. Monochrome (Helmet)
6. Guarded (Disturbed)
7. Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek (Blue October)
8. No More (Drowning Pool)
9. Burn It Down (Avenged Sevenfold)
10. Your Nightmare (Eighteen Visions)
11. Dead Underground (Opiate For The Masses)
12. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (Bullet for My Valentine)
13. Fear Is Big Business (Ministry)
14. The Wolf Is Loose (Mastadon)
15. Killer Inside (Hydrovibe)
16. Sakkara (Hourcast)
17. Shed (Meshuggah)
18. Effigy (Smashup)
19. Siesta Loca (Ghost Machine)
20. Shithole Theme (Charlie Clouser)

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