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Blood And Chocolate

Blood And Chocolate | Sangue e Chocolate (Soundtrack & Score)

Original Soundtrack

Sangue e Chocolate – Trilha sonora original
Blood & Chocolate – Soundtrack original
vários artistas

1. Stripped (Shiny Toy Guns)
2. A Forrest (Lunar Click)
3. Blood (Chocolate Version) (Sparklemotion)
4. How Soon Is Now (Bobby Gold)
5. New Skin (New Skin)
6. Terrible Lie (Mercury Falls)
7. Out of City (Hot Bloody Chocolate Remix) (Johnny Klimek And Reinhold Heil)
8. I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish (Bow Wow Wow)
9. The Killing Moon (Distants, the)
10. Haunted When the Minutes Drag (Alleged Remix) (Collide)
11. Chocolate (Work)
12. Venus in Furs (Black Rainbow)
13. Halloween (Tre Lux)
15. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Philistine)
16. Kissing a Wolf (Zara’s Remix) (Johnny Klimek And Reinhold Heil)

Original Score

Sangue & Chocolate – Trilha Sonora
Blood And Chocolate – Original Score

Reinhold Heil e Johnny Klimek

01. Angels In The Snow
02. Wolf Church
03. Red
04. Gabriel/Heritage
05. The Distillery
06. Wolf Girl
07. The First Hunt
08. Krall’s End
09. Wolf Eyes
10. Pack Meets Leader
11. Searching For Vivian
12. Bone Church
13. Rafe & Aidan Fight
14. Rafe’s Death
15. Take It, It’s Silver
16. You Should Have Left Me
17. My Son Is Dead
18. The Gathering
19. The Second Hunt
20. The Creek
21. The River
22. Vivian Wounded
23. Film Warehouse
24. Kissing A Wolf
25. Run Free Little Girl
26. Pharmacy
27. Vivian Released
28. Distillery Fight
29. Gabriel’s End

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