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Babylon A.D.

Babylon A.D. | Missão Babilônia – Soundtrack (2008)

Missão Babilônia – Trilha sonora
Babylon A.D. – Soundtrack

Music composed by Atli Orvarsson

1. Aurora’s Theme (Agnus Dei)
2. Babylon Requiem
3. Aurora Borealis
4. Leaving The Monastery
5. The Cold Walk
6. Too Many Refugees
7. Aurora And Toorop
8. Snow Travel
9. Rover Chase
10. Entering New York City
11. Mystery Package
12. Skyscraper
13. The Marketplace
14. Toorop Is Home
15. The Monastery Is Destroyed
16. Train Travel
17. Are You Afraid To Die?
18. Are You A Killer, Mr. Toorop?
19. Sister Rebecca
20. Future Vision
21. Save The Planet
22. Leaving The Monastery (Fox Version)
23. One Child At A Time

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