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Jeepers Creepers ~ Olhos Famintos – Soundtrack (2001)

Olhos Famintos – Trilha Sonora
Jeepers Creepers: Original Motion Picture Score

Music composed by Bennett Salvay

1. Main Title
2. The Truck Attacks
3. Back to the Church/The Pipe
4. Finding the Body
5. The House of Pain
6. Kenny and Darla
7. Trish’s Surprise
8. Trish and Darry’s Theme
9. The Truck Returns
10. The Creeper Attacks
11. Monster Mashed/The Big Flap
12. Creeper’s Tale
13. Bone Appetite
14. My Heart Goes Out
15. Creepy Crawler
16. My Brother’s Creeper
17. Jeepers Creepers
18. Here Comes the Boogey Man
19. Creeper’s Truck Horn Sound Effect

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