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Lady in the Water | A Dama na Água – Soundtrack (2006)

A Dama na Água – Trilha Sonora
Lady in the Water – Soundtrack

Music composed by James Newton Howard

1. Prologue
2. Party, The
3. Charades
4. Ripples in the Pool
5. Blue World, The
6. Giving the Kii
7. Walkie Talkie
8. Cereal Boxes
9. Officer Jimbo
10. Healing, The
11. Great Eatlon, The
12. End Titles
13. Times They Are -A-Changin’, The – A Whisper in the Noise
14. Every Grain of Sand – Amanda Ghost
15. It Ain’t Me Babe – Silvertide
16. Maggie’s Farm – Silvertide

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