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Carrie | Carrie, a Estranha (1976)

Carrie, a Estranha
Carrie – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music composed by Pino Donaggio

1. Theme From “Carrie”
2. I Never Dreamed Someone
3. Like You Could Love Someone Like Me
4. Telekinesis
5. And God Made Eve
6. The Raven Was Called Sin
7. At The Prom
8. Contest Winners
9. Born To Have It All
10. Bucket Of Blood
11. They’re All Going To Laugh At You
12. School In Flames
13. Mother At The Top Of The Stairs
14. For The Last Time We’ll Pray
15. The Devil Has Come Home
16. Collapse Of Carrie’s Home
17. Sue’s Dream
18. Powers
19. Theme From “Carrie”

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