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American McGee’s Alice – Original Music Score (2001)

Music composed by Chris Vrenna

1. Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
2. Village of the Doomed
3. Fortress of Doors
4. Fire and Brimstone
5. Wonderland Woods
6. The Funhouse
7. Skool Daze
8. Time to Die
9. I’m Not Edible
10. Taking Tea in Dreamland
11. Fungiferous Flora
12. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum
13. The Centipede
14. Pandemonium
15. Flying on the Wings of Steam
16. Late to the Jabberwocky
17. Pool of Tears
18. Battle with the Red Queen
19. A Happy Ending
20. Flying on the Wings of Steam (remix)

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