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UNDERWORLD ~ ANJOS DA NOITE – Soundtrack and Score


ANJOS DA NOITE – Trilha Sonora
UNDERWORLD – Soundtrack

1. Awakening (Damning Well, the)
2. REV 22:20 (Puscifer)
3. Throwing Punches (Page Hamilton)
4. Rocket Collecting (Milla)
5. Now I Know (Renholder)
6. Bring Me The Disco King (Loner Mix) (David Bowie)
7. Optimissed (Skinny Puppy)
8. Down In the Lab (Renholder)
9. Judith (Renholder Mix) (A Perfect Circle)
10. Suicide Note (Johnette Napolitano)
11. Baby’s First Coffin (Dillinger Escape Plan)
12. Hover (Quiet Mix) (Trust Company)
13. Falling Through The Sky (Renholder)
14. Weak and Powerless (Tilling My Grave Mix) (A Perfect Circle)
15. Worms of the Earth (Finch)
16. From A Shell (Lisa Germano)
17. Death Dealer’s Descent (Renholder)
18. On The Lash (Icarus Line, the)
19. All Of This Past (Sarah Bettens)

Original Score

Compositor: Paul Haslinger

1. Introduction
2. The End Of An Era – Opening
3. Deathdealers Deploy
4. Darkness Deep Within
5. Transformation
6. Red Tape – Agent Provocateu
7. Suspended Memories
8. The Crypt
9. Bloodlines
10. Metamorphosis
11. Reprise
12. Anger And Retribution
13. Corvinus
14. Subterrania
15. Fire Falling From The Sky
16. Miserere
17. The Last Stand
18. Eternity And A Day
19. Keep Watch Over The Night (Bonus Track)

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